Russian Orphanage Ministry

Many children in this vast and complex country are "social orphans." While some have lost parents to death, many have been orphaned because of alcohol abuse, economic, or other social factors. In many areas of Russian society, the word "orphan" is often synonymous with "worthless."

Life in an institution has left them completely unprepared to manage simple tasks of life – or make good choices about relationships, who to trust, or how to spend their time. No guidance and no accountability means no compass. Orphaned girls are especially vulnerable to prostitution and sex trafficking.

Over the past decade, Capo Beach Church has partnered with three specific orphanages in the Kostroma region. These orphanages have become virtual extensions of our own church as our members have directly sponsored hundreds of these orphans. As a community, we not only engage with these orphanages through sponsorship, but also through trips, which gives us the opportunity to be physical reminders to the children that there is an entire church body who loves them, prays for them and has a vested interest in their lives.

If you feel called to financially contribute toward the work being done in Russia, please click the button below or simply text "CBCMISSIONS" to 77977.

How can you help?

Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring one of the Russian orphans through Children's HopeChest will help provide access to a better environment, improved health, tutoring, and age appropriate Bible training.  The one-to-one connection through letter writing between you and the child you sponsor will allow you to offer encouragement, guidance, and the love of Jesus Christ as few other adults ever will.

Email  to start.


Once a year, a team of people is drawn together with one common interest ... to be tangible, present reminders of God's love and faithfulness to these orphans. The trips are typically 10-12 days and consist of visiting each orphanage for several days, as well as spending time at a Ministry Center where orphanage graduates attend courses and life skills programs. 

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