Niños de la Luz

In 1992, as an eager young couple, Jon and Shannon Haslett came before the church leadership with a bold request. After some ministry experiences in Africa and the Philippines, they got married, and were presented with the overwhelming heartache of starving and homeless children in Latin America. With this passion moving them, they sought the support of CBC to send them off. They moved to Caracas, Venezuela, and began meeting with street kids every morning to feed them. One hungry hand grew to 50, and two dedicated missionaries grew to a throng of volunteers.

The Haslett's ministry, Niños de la Luz (Children of the Light), is now a nationally recognized organization committed to helping children at risk in Venezuela. Their ministry location in Caracas, called the Lighthouse Ranch, has three homes open to kids who have been rescued off the streets. In addition, a half-way transition home has been opened up in the heart of the city to reach out to the kids who are ready to leave the street life behind.

In 2003, the Hasletts were again prompted by God to spread their ministry. They moved to the Dominican Republic to begin the next phase of their street children outreach. They established a life skills school, open to all children at risk throughout Latin America. Currently, Jon and Shannon live in the Dominican Republic managing the La Baliza Life Navigation School where they disciple, guide, and equip young men and women to become active, Christ-centered people in their communities.

If you feel called to financially contribute toward the work being done through Niños de la Luz, please click the button below or simply text "CBCMISSIONS" to 77977.