Free Coffee?

Hello website surfer! 
My name is Donnie and I am the Straight Up Middle School Pastor at Capo Beach Church (had to remind you if you forgot!). I have probably seen you driving while your son or daughter is running up to the portable where we meet. I probably know your child, but what I am realizing is that I don't know their parent(s), you. I have a desire to grow your student's faith and assurance in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. What I am discovering and grasping is that I only have so much time with your students, say an hour per week which translates to about 40 hours per YEAR (we miss a few gatherings here and there). On the other hand, parents have 3,000+ hours to spend with your child! You, parents, are the most influential person in their lives.
In 2019, I want to partner with you as your child journeys through Middle School and gets the opportunity to grow their faith at church and at home. I can't do that without you, and I will bet you don't want to partner with some stranger! So here is the deal, I want to get coffee with you to get to know you and you to know me. 
When you find this contact me at (949) 201-8140. This is my cell so you know I'll have it on me (unless I'm surfing), and we will set up a time to grab a cup of coffee! 

In His many blessings,

Donnie Howren
Middle School Pastor

PS I am around on Sunday's and CBC makes a mean cup of coffee, catch me in the hallway and let's talk!