Our Vision

Straight Up Middle School Ministry is about cultivating God’s kingdom here on earth. We continue to give thanks to Jesus Christ for his sacrifice to make us whole and worthy so that we all can participate in God’s Kingdom. We cooperate in the kingdom of God by planting, watering, “tending and keeping” (Genesis 2:15). Straight Up invites all middle schoolers and parents to join us in walking in God’s presence! We desire to welcome young men and women into God’s family with open arms. In addition, we find value in each and every one of God’s children, and we are devoted to revealing that worth to the student and their family. Finally, we are to care for one another. Relationships are the good grounds and soil that God has given us to tend and keep. Building and maintaining relationships does not happen overnight. I believe it takes time. As Straight Up partners with God, I would love to partner with our students’ families. Think about it with me, students are at church for 3 hours a week. Those 3 hours is a fraction of the time that they spend at home. Because of this, I want to be an aid to you in your son's or daughter's spiritual life. To start, I would like to send a monthly email the summarizes what is happening in Straight Up; from trips and events to messages and themes.

Email Donnie at if you have not received emails and would like to start!

In His peace,

Donnie Howren