Red Door HSM Small Groups

Joining a small group can be a life transformational step that you look back on and say, “That was a solid choice!”  It’s so Orange County to keep your friendship on a superficial level, but where does that leave you when you need more than small talk?  Red Door small groups are informal, fun and full of real people.  They are modeled after the approachable life of Jesus, not the religious leaders of His day that pointed out the flaws of God’s followers.  Red Door small groups are truly safe places where no one is going to fix you but rather accept you right where you are.  So if you want to experience love for who you really are and you enjoy looking into the mysteries of God's destiny for your life what are you waiting for?

GUYS: Wednesday Night at 5:00 PM in the Student Ministries office

GIRLS: Wednesday Night at 5:00 PM in the new prayer room next to the Student Ministries office