Rod Mayer

Rod Mayer

High School Ministry Pastoroffice: ext. 258

How I got here 

I started attending CBC my freshman year at Dana Hills High School.  I loved it so much that I started volunteering in the youth ministry working with middle school students while I attended college. After four years and the completion of my degree, I was invited to come on staff.

What I do here

Growing up as a kid on a farm, I learned to enjoy the diversity of helping and watching things grow, even if that meant fixing a broken tractor or spreading organic fertilizer.  So whether I'm teaching from the Bible, leading worship on the guitar, or hanging with my small group, I understand the necessity of driving a bus or a wakeboard boat full of screaming teens, swinging a hammer in Swaziland, mixing cement in Mexico, washing cars to help students raise support, shopping for Skid Row, editing videos that tell stories or helping to begin new stories when officiating over weddings. I guess I still work on a farm today; a spiritual farm where I tend and watch young men and women grow in their knowledge of God's immense love for them!

Why I do what I do

Too many churches babysit teenagers or put them on pathways of busyness as a sort of sin management program.  I believe if a high school student understands that God is not disappointed with them, and in fact, is radically in love with them because of His Son's work on the cross, they have a opportunity to have their worldview transformed from "have to's" to "want to's", as they partner with Jesus in a life-long adventure of renewal and praise!