Our Vision

Here in the Red Door HSM we believe that "True Religion" has nothing to do with a pair of jeans but it has everything to do with trusting in the finished work of Jesus on the cross! Learn with us about the transformational power of grace and how it moves us from "have to's" to "want to's"! We desire to be a generation that isn't falling from their faith but falling into an endless supply of grace that strengths, loves, and accepts us no matter what.

Our HSM name Red Door is a reminder of the story in Exodus 12 which declared that those under the covering of the "red door" were safe from harm and given an opportunity to leave behind slavery and begin a new life of freedom and adventure!!!  

Red Door HSM is committed to equip you with all the tools and opportunities (Sunday high school hour, Wednesday Nights, 8 small groups throughout the week, Monthly outreaches) and travel opportunities, (Africa, Skid Row, Mexico, Snowboarding Trip, Houseboat Trip, 100 mile bike ride, Indian Village Camp Counselors) you need to begin or continue your faith journey and rise up to reach your God given destiny!  We will laugh along the way but we won't entertain you just provide a place where faith and life touch.  

Please checkout what the Red Door HSM is all about.  We are excited to meet you.

- Pastor Rod