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What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups are a simple and organic way for you to get to know each other at Capo Beach Church while spending time together doing what you already love to do. Connect groups are designed to help connect people around the natural rhythms of life. You are already going to surf, go to the park, go for a run, carpool, eat dinner at the beach etc….connect groups give you the option to do it with people from Capo!

This is not a small group, though they can be small. This is not a Bible study, though you can study the Bible. This is not an evening prayer meeting, though you can pray. This is a way to connect to others in the CBC family according to things you are already doing but would like to do with other CBC people.

How Do I Join a Group?

Just click the blue button above, it will take you to our facebook page where you can see all 25 groups. Be sure you are logged into your facebook to access the page correctly. See a group you want to join? Then click "join group", that's it! You can join as many groups that interest you! 

I Joined a Group, Now What?

Now that you are in the group the rest is up to you. Say hi to fellow members, arrange a gathering for your group, or post pictures to the group of you doing that activity! These groups are called connect groups cause they are meant to do just that, connect! There is nothing formal about these groups, think of it like your new group of friends who love to the things you do! 

I Don't Have a Facebook but I Still Want to Join, What Do I Do?

No problem! Send an email to Matt Whitlock, our teaching pastor. He will get you connected via email or phone to some people from the group. 
Matt can be reached at

What Connect Groups are Available? 

We started with the most common 25 interest that we received from you all. They are...
Capo Hikes
Capo Surfs
Capo Walks
Capo Bikes
Capo Fit
Capo Cooks
Capo Reads
Capo Crafts
Capo S.U.P
Capo Musicians
Capo Gardens
Capo Fishing
Capo Golf
Capo Art
Capo Yoga
Capo Kayaks
Capo Tennis
Capo Young & Married
Capo Families
Capo Pet Walks
Capo Eats
Capo Equestrian
Capo Runs
Capo Grandparents

Don't see a group that matches any of your interest? 

Let us know! Just reply to this email and we will get one started soon if we have a few people that have the same interest. 

Happy Connecting!