Finding a Group

While some people find connection through a Bible study or small group style format, others may be drawn to serving teams, activity-based groups or simply hanging out with other in their same stage of life. We want to accommodate for the variety of ways people connect with each other, while providing options for spiritual growth, service opportunities and community development. 

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Use our group search page above to discover all sorts of groups. Some meet weekly, while others meet monthly or just randomly. Some study the Bible together, others reach out to those in need. Hopefully, you'll find what you're looking for.


Starting a Group

Whether you enjoy leading discussions, hosting people at your home, or planning outreaches and events, we want to empower you to rally others around you. We will do our best to connect you with others who share in the same vision and to communicate your group vision to the church so that others might join in.   

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Open Up Your Group to Others

There are so many organic groups that have developed within our church, even if they aren't posted here. However, if you want to open up your group to whomever God might bring in, we would love to spread the word and come alongside you in encouragement and support.   

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