All In

God is doing some incredible things within the life of our church and we hope you are thrilled to be part of it. In 2014, we were given the opportunity to purchase the land our church rests on. Our goal now as a church is to raise $2.4 million to secure our current property and ensure that future generations can gather and worship here, free from the burden of debt. We ask that you prayerfully consider how you might join us in this goal. While everyone’s pledges and contributions may be different, we believe that God is behind this, and if we are All In this together, He will see us through.


GIVe onlinE 

 Be sure to apply it towards the "All In" fund.

Why Do This Now?


What Do These Stones Mean?

"The Lord said to them, 'When your children ask you what these stones mean', tell them, 'He did this so that all the people of the Earth may know that the hand of the Lord is powerful and that you might always worship the Lord your God'".


Joshua 4:24

Twelve stones stacked one on top of the other. This was a memorial for the generations to come. A tangible reminder that God had been powerful on behalf of a people who though imperfect, had sincerely trusted in Him and loved His ways. These stones, set by the River Jordan, would stand as both an act of worship to their God and a symbol of the covenant He had made with His people. For God had parted the River for their entrance to the promised land, He had made a way. 

Together, at Capo Beach Church, we are seeking to follow this example in our time. We know the stones and mortar that constitute our building are merely building materials by themselves. Yet through faith, we hope and believe, they are and will be a monument for generations in our community that boldly declare, "God is good and His love endures forever". We want our kids and their children to know there is a God in our city and He has been loved by those who have gone before them.

Anytime after you have made your contribution or pledge, we invite you to add a stone for each family member to the display in the hallway. This stone monument will act as a reminder of the people who support this endeavor, and one day will be a reminder to our children of a time in history when God blessed His church with a permanent place to gather, hear the word, and worship.