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Donnie Howren

Donnie Howren

Middle School Directoroffice: x 239

How I got here

My first experience with Capo Beach Church was in high school. The summer leading into my senior year a friend invited me to the Red Door’s (High School Ministry) Colorado River Trip. I was accepted into a group of people who loved God and had genuinely cared for each other. This kept me close to Capo Beach Church because I could see the evidence of God's Spirit moving freely in this Church. After I graduated from high school I decided to make CBC my home.

What I do here

I will be pastoring Straight Up’s students for this interim period while CBC's leadership prayerfully considers the vacant pastoral position. Before this transition I was, and am involved in the High School Ministry as a volunteer at first then joining CBC’s staff. We, the youth ministers and leaders, wear many different hats; teaching from God’s Word to creating fun events that go outside of the OC to constantly sharing the Good News. With the unknown time I have with Straight Up I want to create a community that is Gospel-revealing in the youth that shows how Good our Heavenly Dad is. 

Why I do what I do

Life following Christ should be fun, exciting, and daring. I get stoked when the youth find out that Jesus is anything but dull and boring like society portrays it to be; it is not supposed to be a limiting list of “do’s and don’ts”. The path of unconditional love is confusing when we try to do it on our own; yet Christ Jesus continues to amaze us.Simply I am loved, chosen and accepted, and I can’t keep that Gospel to myself.