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Amaris Montiel

Amaris Montiel

Assistant to the Creative Experience Director & Production Produceroffice: ext. 210

How did you come to join the team at Capo Beach Church?

I started Volunteering as a graphics director eventually being offered a job and I haven’t left since

Describe your role at CBC in one sentence:

I help lead the production team and assist in the creativity at our church .

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the team here at CBC?

The vending machine snacks.

Regular or Decaf?

Hot Cheetos

Favorite activities when you're not at work:

Eating hot Cheetos, adventuring, long Netflix sessions, buying and doing makeup

Surfing or Hiking?


Mac or PC?


Cat or Dog?


If you woke up tomorrow morning as a Disney character who would you be? Why?

Marie from the Arirtocats Spunky and Sassy she has a tell it like it is attitude, but she knows how to hold her own against her rough and tumble brothers. Plus she kicks butt.

Describe yourself in one word: