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Dan Russell

Dan Russell

Associate Pastor- Couples Ministries office: ext. 230

How I got here 

My wife Karen and I first attended CBC in 1990. We loved the church the first time we walked in the door. The people were friendly and we could feel the presence of the Lord.

I felt the Lord calling me into ministry in 1993 while on a Mexico trip with the youth. I started taking Bible classes and counseling courses, along with serving in the prayer room and baptism ministry. During that time, my call was further defined. The Lord gave me His passion and desire to build and strengthen Christ centered marriages.

In 2008, I was ordained as a pastor at CBC and have been blessed ever since to serve as the marriage and pre-marital pastor.

What I do here

As a pastor, I spend most of my time counseling and teaching pre-marital and married couples classes. I am also honored to be able to perform Christ centered marriages.

My vision and goal is to equip and encourage couples in their faith, prayer life, and relationship with our Lord and each other. My approach to marriage education and counseling teaches couples the information and skills they need to communicate clearly and resolve conflict. My approach also provides a roadmap for normal expected challenges, and the tools to make adjustments that will build strong marriages and help couples keep their love alive. 

Why I do what I do

I love being a part of people’s lives. I consider it a privilege helping those in pre-marital, knowing that their wedding ceremony will be a sign and symbol of their love and commitment to the Lord, each other, and even the world.

My heart breaks as I look into the eyes and the hearts of people who are hurting. Many couples have fallen out of love, life has happened, and many have had to endure great hardships. I do believe in the power of prayer and God’s ability to restore marriages. It’s exciting for me to see how, through willing hearts and practical application of God’s word, God can and does transform lives.