Our Leadership

About Jesse

I was born the very same year that CBC moved into the bowling alley building where we still exist today. Ever since then, I have had the pleasure and honor of being shaped and molded by the people of Capo Beach Church. After being cared for and encouraged for so many years by my children's pastor and youth pastors, I was called to give back. So I served in our youth ministries for about 8 years, and lived with our missionaries in the Dominican Republic for a year. After graduating from Vanguard University, I began working at CBC as the Global Missions Pastor. I now currently serve in a Communications/Administrative Pastoral role and I absolutaly love it.  

About Elyse

I was invited to the high school youth group in 2000. This invitation changed my entire life as I came to know God, find healing, gain direction for my life, and redemption for my family, and meet my future husband. I have been here ever since!

I have been involved in many of the ministries CBC has from washing dishes, to working in the nursery, leading Women's Bible Study, or ministering to teens. Now that I am a new mom, I enjoy getting to know other young families and learning about God together as we navigate this season of life. I also have a passion for teaching the Bible, praying for people, and counseling.