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Craig and Jeanne Whittaker

Craig and Jeanne Whittaker

Jeanne: Founder and Guardian of The Tabernacle Experienceoffice: Craig ext. 209 and Jeanne ext. 455

About Craig

I started attending the church when it was a bible study in the home of Jim and Fran Counter. Jeanne and I have attended ever since. I was invited on as a Spirtual Leader four years after we first attended and have loved serving CBC since. Twenty years ago I was asked to put in an application for the position of Pastoral Care and a few years later accepted a position. What a community God has net together here and I count it an honor to serve.

About Jeanne

Our commitment to CBC began in 1975 with an invitation from our friends to attend their home Bible Study. We've never looked backed.

Caring for and supporting the staff and spiritual leaders is my focus here on the homefront. Otherwise, I'm on the road with my ministry, The Tabernacle Experience.